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Operating business

1.Attracting customers / Advertising business

We are engaged in the advertising business by attracting customers online using SEO “Search Engine Optimization” and advertising operations (display advertisements, listing advertisements, etc.).

We have the following achievements.

  • Acquired 2968 new customers for regular purchase of beauty essence (results from 2020 to 2021)
  • Acquired 859 new customers for regular purchase of hair restorer (results from 2020 to 2021)
  • Acquired 114 new golf school customers per month (results in May 2021)
  • There is also an operational record with sales of 300% or more of advertising expenses (2021)

We are actively promoting new products and new services.

2.Web consulting business

We systematize our customer attraction technology and provide total support from client advertising operations to strategic planning and improvement method proposals.

3.Importing Business

Our company, which entered its fifth term in 2021, started the import business based on the experiences of the advertising business we’ve gained so far.

We are developing the following services.

  • Discover unique products overseas and sell them in Japan.
  • Enhance brand strength with attractive videos and images.
  • Increase awareness by utilizing Google and Facebook ads, etc.
  • Carry out crowdfunding with Makuake, Green funding, etc.
  • Conform to Japanese laws and unique business practices
  • Approach to Japanese department stores and retail stores.
  • Exhibit at the Tokyo Gift Show, etc.

We would like to deliver interesting and new products to many people in Japan.

Additionally, for this project, we have Mr. Hideaoki Otake, a Makuake evangelist and a leading expert in the trading business, as a partner.

Mr. Otake, who has been in the trading business for 13 years, has achievements of 1.2 billion yen in sales through more than 560 crowdfunding projects and is one of the best experienced people with many successful cases in Japan.

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