About Nothing LLC.


Making the world interesting through “things without shape”

In this era when food, clothing, shelter are filled and surrounded by all kinds of things, “things without shape” enrich the world.

We would like to contribute to society by providing “interesting things without shape” and “useful things without shape” to the world through the Web.

President & CEO:Yuji Namba

Officer introduction:

Yuji Namba

Educational background:

Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Commerce


Born in Himeji City on April 21, 1986, to a father who ran an architectural company.

Moved to Tokyo at university, got a job at an IT company, and participated in many projects as an engineer.

While learning IT knowledge, I became independent as a sole proprietor in 2011, partly because I felt the fun and potential of the world of web marketing and the influence of my father who was running a company.

After becoming independent, after a period when work did not go well, although there were twists and turns, it gradually got on track, and in 2017 we established our company “Nothing”.

The word “Nothing” has two meanings, “things without shape” and “people without shape”, and I would like to support “zero people and things with nothing” through “the world of the Web without shape” and develop business activities.

I want to bring out interesting products that have not sprouted yet.

I would like to help people and products of the future, attracting and selling.

With that in mind, we provide marketing support such as web media design and SEO measures.